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The Portugal Collection

Today I am releasing 5 small paintings from a joyful trip to Portugal 🇵🇹

Inspired by surfing and seeing the countryside and less-inhabited coastal regions of Portugal we started the trip in the south of Portugal, the Algarve, and finished farther to the North in and around Peniche. What a lovely, stunning stretch of coastline.

I each started sitting out amongst it, taking in the soft colors of the winter sun...

Portugal Paintings and Art Surf Spots Portugal

I am easily inspired by the beauty of the earth and sea and how the sun dances upon them. Choosing what to paint can be hard for me, but the sea is always a magnet, so I gave myself a time limit to find a good seat and then I would just start.

With each painting I set the intention to connect with the earth and fulfill the longing in me to move paint around the canvas feeling the environment into colors and shapes. 

It was a winter trip and I was lucky to get many clear days to take in the light as it made it's way across the Atlantic. To start and finish these paintings capturing what I feel is the joy of the earth expressing itself, is a continuous gift. 

And the waves were good too!!

You can see all the paintings in the Portugal Collection here and below

Algarve Countryside


This painting captures the soft light and feeling of the Portugese countryside. I was lucky to see this beautiful little house from the patio of our rental. Although I arrived to paint the sea, this really drew me in ✨

12x9 Acrylic on Canvas Panel

Atlantic Winter

This was an unknown little cove. I sat in the wind on a bench next to an old castely bit. I held my canvas panel and started it there painting until my hands were numb then finished it inside and warm 🔥

I’m looking WNW over the Atlantic mid-day in winter... nose to the wind, inhaling the sea, feeling vibrant and alive ✨

12x9 Acrylic on Canvas Panel


Painted on the cliff above Arrifana, Portugal. Soaking up the sea air and taking in the vibrant cliffs of the southern Algarve region. A large winter swell wraps into the bay on a gorgeous crispy sunny afternoon.

12x9 Acrylic on Canvas Panel

Praia D'el Rey


In solitude on a cold Atlantic perch, breathing in the sea air. I sat among the ice plant in the late afternoon and began this small painting. I wanted to run down the trail to the sea but I stayed until dusk trying to find the colors that captivated me so...

12x9 Acrylic on Canvas Panel



This painting was created relaxing on the sand at The Boom, a famous surf spot and heavy beach break in Peniche. I painted the view across the bay to the city, while the afternoon sun lit up the waves crashing on the golden sand.

12x9 Acrylic on Canvas Panel

View the Portugal Collection Here