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Commission Art

Bring me your idea and I will paint it for you!

Commissioned art is so special because I put my creative expression into something you love. I have been commissioned to paint houses, dogs, favorite places, special wedding gifts and more... 

I can paint from a photograph you provide, or research and come up with the scene or subject as needed.

Commissioned art can be anything! You can choose the subject, size and type of paint (watercolor, acrylic, or oil paint).

How it works:

1. Contact me about your idea here - Just tell me what you have in mind. Send me a photo reference if you have one, the size you would like, and the type of paint you would like me to use (if you have a preference)

2. Pricing depends on the size, complexity, and the type of paint and surface I will use. All commissions start at $500.

4. Deposit of 50% is due once agreed upon and ready to begin. I will then purchase supplies and begin the artwork. The balance will be due once I deliver the art.

5. Timing depends on the size and complexity of the art, but you can expect about 4-8 weeks from start to finish depending mostly on the size. If you need it in a rush, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you. 


Even if you are not ready to commit but wondering about the cost to commission a painting, I would be happy to talk with you and get you a quote.

I look forward to hearing about your special piece of art waiting to be made :)

Contact me to Start a Commission


Please note: Julie Kluh retains all copyrights to commissioned art unless specified in a written agreement.