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Oil Painting Supplies

Oil Painting Supplies

Below is a list of the exact supplies I use to paint. 

I put this together for my online oil painting classes but I wanted to share it in advance for those interested in taking the class.

I am located in the USA and order most of my supplies from I included links to all my supplies below, as well as my Amazon storefront. Read about each item below so you can see exactly what I’m using it for.


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Oil Paint

You can choose any brand of oil paint to work with but I like Gamblin and have learned that sticking with one brand is the best way to go so you are certain how the colors will look.

Gamblin is an American-made paint and I find they have very consistent rich colors. Each brand is slightly different but more or less, the colors of the paints across brands are named the same based on the pigments and will only vary slightly. You can purchase the smallest tubes available if you like, oil paints do go a long way!

Here is a list of paint colors I use most often by Gamblin:

Titanium White This white is my favorite because it is the most opaque

Ultramarine Blue This is my favorite color for shadows in the foam

Phathlo Blue This is a very bright blue. I always mix this and use sparingly

Paynes Gray This is a classic cool gray that I love

Transparent Orange Mix this with phathlo blue for a beautiful aqua color

Yellow Ochre I use this for my underpainting thinned down with Gamsol

Cadmium Yellow Light A classic bright yellow

Alizarin Crimson A deep red that mixes into beautiful purples & greens

Paint Squeezer Tool This gets everything from your paint tubes, I love it!



I use a piece of glass for my pallet, which is a common choice for oil painters because it cleans up so well with a razor blade scraper.

Glass paint palette

Razor blade scraper - to clean your glass palette



For painting the ocean flat brushes are my favorite! I also use rounds for some applications and a giant big soft brush for blending big areas.

I often have 3-4 brushes wet and working at a time. The brushes I am sharing are basic and not typically oil painter brushes, but they are my go-to. Don't leave them in your brush cleaner overnight or the glue will breakdown and your bristles will come out! It happens.

Here are some basic brushes I use:

Brush Set

3/4 Flat Wash Brush

Flat Shader Size 12

Round Size 6

Palette Knives - Use to mix colors on your palette, and to apply paint to your canvas


Brush Cleaner/Thinner

You need some type of turpentine to clean your brushes. These days, there are many options and they have the odor compounds removed so they don’t smell. Gamsol made by Gamblin is what I use, it’s a great option.

Gamsol Brush Cleaner



Linseed Oil - I use this sparingly to add viscosity when paint is too thick

Linseed oil is the oil that is in oil paint, it is flaxseed oil. I often use a little linseed oil to create more flow in the paint if they are too thick. It also works as a brush cleaner. For smaller paintings it often is not as needed, but I wanted to add it here so you know this is something I often use, especially with big peices.



Once your painting is completely dry, varnishing will protect it and leave a nice uniform finish. I like a satin varnish which is neither dull or shiny, but the perfect finish to me. Always be sure to shake your varnish well! I once forgot to shake my satin varnish and the finish ended up high-shine. Varnish should be applied with a brush and I have tried many and now only use a varnish brush to ensure smooth application.

Gamvar Satin Varnish

Varnish Brush



H-Frame Easel I use this in my studio and I love that it is adjustable and can lay a painting flat to varnish.


To learn how I use these products check out my online oil painting classes here

If you have questions or would like any other information email me at

Happy painting!!