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Washington Coast Paintings - Fine Art, Ocean Shores, Westport

Washington Coast Fine Art Paintings by Julie Kluh Westport Ocean Shores

Inspired by the cold and luminous Pacific Ocean on the Washington Coast 💙 I spent the day at Damon Point in Ocean Shores, Washington capturing a big swell on a sunny day of the glorious beauty here.

Ocean Shores is a quiet, remote part of coast where families in Washington go to seek the solitude and abundance of the sea. Often, a cold, wet and foggy place where only a few houses are close to the ocean beach. It seems there is very little art that celebrates this unique coastline. In some places it is low-lying long stretches of sand and land, other places the cliffs rise up to the forest with dynamic and unreal landscapes of the sea.

I am proud to have created this oil painting of the Washington coast that captures the beauty of the ocean that so many of us love to experience.

This is a renewing, fresh, ocean wave with power, grace, light, movement and a shadowy foamy center that feels inviting in it's shadows.

There is a huge amount of life within us, and the ocean seems to display and capture the essence of something I wish to share and remind the world of.

The beautiful greens that seem to be unique to the water in this area is something I love to capture in oil paint. The Washington coast is like a untapped treasure, a place where few live, and even fewer stay very long.

I hope this inspires you to visit!

This painting of the glowing surf is 60" x 40" and is my largest painting yet!

May we all relax and take time to bask in the beauty that is all around us.

To the sea!

This fine art of the Washington coast by Julie Kluh is available here

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