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Surface Tension: New Collection Release April 9th

I have been painting my heart out creating a new collection of work. The collection, Surface Tension, will be released online April 9 ✨

I will be releasing all of my new paintings to my VIP collectors first (Join Here) by email notification on April 9, 2020 and then will release to all.

I have been mixing muted sea greens and not afraid to use lots of white to bring the essence of the ocean to the canvas.

My focus has been on the colors, movement, clarity, and light in the moving water that inspires me to paint. Something about the combination of moving water and sun brings me so much joy! I do reference photos that I take to paint my waterscapes and this collection includes waves and water from Tahiti, California and Washington State - a wide stretch of the grand Pacific Ocean.

Below I'm highlighting 3 paintings in the new collection:

Surrender, Release and Clarity - 3 aspects of being that I'm believing in, working on, and allowing in my own life ❤️The names of these paintings came after each was completed, and fit together in a beautiful sequence for self-empowerment.

Here I am in my dreamy seaside studio painting Clarity...

Painting Water Coastal Home Decor

Some of the most exciting color-spectrums in the waves I have captured are in Washington state, where the very fine dark sand pulls into the green water creating a subtle rainbow of colors as the wave faces rise.

Ocean Art Original Works

Surrender 🕊 Feeling the soft unfinished corners and crispy details around the jewel-like facets on this wave. A different type of wave than I’ve painted before, not a clean face, it feels more like an emerald ice cave. I really enjoyed abandoning reality on this one and letting myself free-flow it out. My favorite area is the bottom right, melted into a light and airy feeling. I love this one 🙏

Here are some close-up details of Surrender: 

Painting Surrender, new ocean art - coastal decor

Details of seafoam and water oil painting - Julie Kluh Art

Emerald wave face oil painting fine art ocean coastal colors home

Close up details of Ocean Wave Surf Oil Painting Art - Fine Artist Julie Kluh

Once we surrender to the life our heart and higher self desires we then have the beautiful (and often painful and difficult) choice to release what no longer serves us...

This is Release, a wave symbolizing the incredible power, grace and beauty of letting go:

Ocean Art Coastal Decor Beach House Fine Art

 Painting Glowing Waves with Foam and spray Ocean Artwork

Release, the ecstatic joy of space were you once held tension - Ocean Artwork

And once the work of surrendering to our hearts path and releasing what no longer serves us, the greatest gift of all is given, we gain clarity.

Clarity is based off a calm hot day in Souther California when the waves just rise from the sea like glass, sparkly and clear and then burst into a bed of foam. I've been mixing realism with the wave faces and blending my own style into the expanded parts of the foam and sky. 

Surf art Souther California crystal clear waves breaking into a foam beachscape

Up close detail painting waves with oil paint - ocean art Julie Kluh

Painting Ocean Waves, Coastal Art for Beach House Vibes

The ultimate beach house vibes to me is bringing the ocean in. I love these colors and they truly radiate the qualities we seek to expand and grow into the best versions of ourselves.

These 3 paintings and more are a part of my collection Surface Tension

I will be releasing all them to my VIP collectors (JOIN HERE) by email on April 9, 2020 and then will be released to all ❤️

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