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Wave Paintings of Tahiti French Polynesia

There is nothing that captivates me quite like a dark stormy sky and the incredible aqua blues that pop like jewels from the sea.

Even if it's just a sliver of teal water far away, it seems that the turquoise color is out of this world. It grabs you and takes your breath away!

Framed Art Ocean Waves Stormy Sky Beach Decor

I did this painting based off a really intensely dark incoming storm that was approaching. I'm not sure I had seen it get this dark ever during the day. I was watching the waves break at Teahupo'o (in Tahiti) from the channel, and the waves breaking up the reef were lighting up in the most incredible colors. I always call the the foamy waves lighting up like this daiquiri ice after my favorite ice cream as a kid (remember that one?!)

Art of the South Pacific Ocean Painting Aqua Waves Breaking Teahupo'o

A light offshore wind helped created the gorgeous spray coming off of the lips of the waves as they threw over.

I love to watch the beautiful booby birds, which I believe are red-footed boobies that have bright blue beaks as they soar along the breaking waves with their wings just inches from touching the water.

The birds are common to spot along the barriers but I have never ever seen one inside the lagoons. I was going to add them into this painting, but it just wasn't right. I look forward to painting one soon!

Red Footed Booby Tahiti Barrier Reef Bird Blue Beak

I used a combination of reference photos to do this painting back in the protection of the cabin on the sailboat and love how it came out. The day I shared this painting on instagram (@juliekluh) it sold!! That has never happened before what an honor and a thrill to share this magical place.

Storm Break Ocean Waves Breaking in the South Pacific

I love the sea foam and the way the patterns form on the surface and pull up the face of the wave, with the aqua turquoise colors showing through behind. A few of my paint splatter techniques for the spray off the top really came out awesome!

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