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Shells of Tahiti Artwork & Collections

I have always been fascinated and enchanted by seashells and Polynesia is such a treasure trove for shells!

As an artist, I am fascinated by the intricate details, precision spirals and subtle colors of shells. It is a sort of mystery that these beautiful creations are homes to snails that once gone wash to the shores at our feet.

Shells are a miracle and a gift to humanity. Children love seashells because it is incredibly fascinating to find such beautiful specimens left behind by nature. An adult who is still enchanted by the mystery of a seashell is a child who survived!

I have found very few shells in French Polynesia over the years but the ones I have found are stunning.

Beautiful Seashell Found in Tahiti

This shell is perhaps the most glossy and perfect as well as gorgeous and rare shell. I have only seen one other like it - in a local thrift store!

I recently did a painting of 7 shells that I have found in French Polynesia, including shells from the islands Tahiti, Moorea and Huahine. Each shell so unique and beautiful and make up my small collection of shells I have brought back to my floating home and art studio, my sailboat.

All of the shells in the painting were painted from live study and were found in such perfect condition, with no creature inside :)

Painting Shells from Tahiti and French Polynesia

I'm not a expert on the names and families of shells, I'm more of a steward to their appreciation.

I am inspired by them, literally I am injected with spirit, IN-SPIRIT-ed :)

I am in total awe and appreciation of their existence. Seashells are a gift and a reminder of the infinite magnificence in all things and awaken in me the mysteries of the universe. When I discover a shell in nature and am admiring it's beauty, everything else falls away...

Beautiful spiral shell found in Tahiti

 Most of the shells I have found in the water while paddle boarding or snorkling over shallow lagoon areas. Often, shells are still living and I leave them where I find them, other times, the shell is empty and I drop to my knees in gratitude for the gift delivered from heaven.

Gorgeous Seashell Thin Tall Spiky Spiral with Brown Spots Tropical Shell

I often take my camera (iphone) with me on my paddles and love to photograph the shells in their natural environment against the colors of the water and the sea. Here in Tahiti the aqua blues are so bright, it often feels unreal...

Painting of Seashells

This painting I wanted to focus closely in on each shell, studying how it grew, it's every detail and I learned so much by painting their every mark. 

Series of 7 Shells in a Painting Art Print Tahiti Seashells

This is the finished artwork of the 7 shells from the study I did on my sailboat. The original painting has sold, but you can still get a print of this seashell artwork

And here is one last image holding some of my very favorite shells, 

Et je pratique mon français... une collection de coquillages de la Polynésie française, Tahiti, Moorea et Huahine :)

Collection of seashell from Tahiti, Moorea and Huahine

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Thanks so much for reading!

With Love,