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Ocean Oil Paintings 🕊️

What an interesting time on earth!

This virus has already taught humanity that we are all connected and regardless of borders and races we are all together on this planet. I believe there is a higher purpose for this and that this break from routine and normal existence will blossom into a new era of more love.

I am so excited to be releasing my latest collection of work – even though I know it is a strange time – I am powering on with my spirit high to share my art with the world.

My new collection, Surface Tension, includes 10 original oil paintings. I have already shared some and here are the rest that have not yet been shared 🎉

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Exhale - Wave Oil Painting, Original Art of the Pacific Ocean, Sea Air and Breaking Waves

EXHALE | 20" x 16"

The ocean exhales. Waves unload and air rushes out of them. Nothing relaxes me more than a big old sigh, a sigh of relief, a deeply transformative exhale.

This painting feels like what I've really been trying to paint my whole life. I don't know how to explain that but there is just something in the way this one feels, it feels so alive, it makes me feel alive!

I am a student of the sea, there is no question of that. The way foam pulls up the face of a wave and the breaking lip casting a shadow blows my mind in it's beauty, it is absolutely not logical to explain when something so simple brings so much joy and inspiration. It is beyond the mind, no doubt 🌊

Although bright, I went with a moody sky, a heavy roller in the background and a bright wave unloading in all its foamy glory. When I paint water, I at first ignore the spray and just focus on the shapes and the way the colors behind are showing through. Once those are dry I go in with the spray, using both a paint flicking technique with a stiff brush and my fingers (probably exactly how you would picture it, very messy) and also using a little bit of paint on the back of a palette knife to create just a topical scratching of white that amazingly translates perfectly into sea spray...

Exhale, let go ✨

From this more compassionate place I hope that great and groundbreaking change cascades throughout humanity and we unite as one. For each individual, now is the time to go inward, find the light, love and power within and radiate it out. When relaxed and connected to our heart anything is possible. If we all can individually do this, collectively it has the power to shift everything.


Ocean Painting Aqua Waves Oil Art Pacific Beach House

My way of staying calm, focused and balanced is painting. Which may appear selfish, but it takes a huge amount of effort for me to stay focused and create. To focus my days, my mental clarity, my mission and time on the meditative act of making art. And I am so honored that it is bringing reassurance, inspiration and peace to my followers, thank you for sharing that with me!

Ocean Air original Oil painting Pacific Ocean Surf Art Waves

OCEAN AIR | 28" x 22"

A deep breath of ocean air  

I love to be in the ocean and swim in the waves. There is an incredible renewing power in the ocean. It forces you to be alive and pay attention and it also is just as potent to leave ground and float in its embryonic essence.

The ocean lifts our energy, it renews us, refreshing our sense of life and wellbeing. An infinite source of life we can return to again and again.

This was inspired by a day on the Pacific Ocean on the Washington coast. I had gotten up really early and surfed and then returned to photograph and soak it in. I faded out the background on this and love how it feels like its coming out of nowhere. The ocean kind of does 🌎

I feel more alive and more productive in a life-expansion way at the easel than doing most other activities. Staying the course includes eating well, exercising, sleeping well, taking care of life tasks without resistance and most of all loving myself and everyone through kindness and compassion. Allowing the vision of a new earth, a new era to be shown to us from our heart is exactly the way forward now...

Artist Julie Kluh with Oil Painting Ocean Air in her Studio

Art gallery of paintings of the ocean aqua ocean colors

Original Ocean Art Huge Wave Painting Washington State Coast Art

ACCEPTANCE | 60" x 36 "

This is the biggest painting I’ve ever done. I’ve had this canvas waiting for months and I keep picking up a smaller one because it was too intimidating. Until, I just kinda forced it a little and said, now! Now is the time!

And then I got it all set-up and thought I knew what I was going to paint. But after about 1 minute of blank canvas staring, I packed some snacks, drove to the ocean and spent a whole day staring at it, which was exactly what I needed.

This painting coming to life from an idea in my mind really makes me emotional, It’s finally here!! 🙌

Painting a huge wave ocean art oil painter art studio

I often need to remind myself that the non-physical visions in my mind and heart are quietly waiting for me to get everything in order and bring them into the world. For me, that means accepting that it takes money, effort, patience and time in addition to belief and balance and trust. I can do it once I accept everything in my life as it is. And acceptance that it’s okay I haven’t done it yet and again when I want to scrape off all of the paint, and acceptance when I’m frustrated, tired and lost. Acceptance for all of my choices so far, so I can see more clearly and move forward.

I have a little spot on the coast in Washington where I go to study the waves and this particular break just amazes me. Somehow an entire rainbow of moving color comes to life when this one rises up. I wait for a big wave to crash that makes the surface foamy, then when a perfectly sized one comes behind it, it draws up the foam and sand and this magical thing happens. Oh, how the sea moves me ✨🙏

 Original water painting beach house decor Ocean theme

Close up of oil painting of wave with foam and spray

Tranquil large ocean art calming ocean clear water oil painting teal bright

TRANQUILITY | 36" x 48"

This one took me many months to finish, unlike any other painting I've worked on, it had to be set aside and revisited several times ✨

I now understand that sometimes you just have to give a painting time and come back to it with fresh eyes again and again. Sometimes I dream of this light pattern dancing all over the earth... like we are all beneath a sky made of the sea and ribbons of rainbow light are weaving across the landscape 🌈

It is tricky to capture these rich teals and blues on camera, but this awesome little beach cabin and striking little chair helped capture them better. Wish you could see it in person!

This is based off of the brilliant Tahitian lagoons where I lived at anchor for 4 years on my sailboat 💙

My new collection, Surface Tension, includes these paintings and more! 🎉

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