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New! Puget Sound Water Art


Beyond our ordinary experience. A powerful movement that passes between worlds. The shift in awareness, the lifting of obstacles. The flow from fear to freedom, from pain to wholeness. A rise into an empowered infinite state. Transcendence ✨

I named this painting Transcendence because it had the power to shift me into a peaceful state of wholeness. If anything, I hope my paintings can bring peace. They are spiritual messages and reminders to be still in the elements of ourselves, that are reflected in nature.

This new print is out now!
Print size is 24" x 18"

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Ocean Art, Peaceful Waves

This was a commissioned painting by dear friend, and I was given total creative freedom. It is based off of my and her home waters of the Puget Sound in Washington State. 

I have just released this painting as a print!

Ocean art decor home Art by Julie Kluh

Feel the calming presence of this artwork in your space...

Painting Studio Water Art

Oil painting brushes painting water Julie Kluh Art

Ocean Art 48"x36" Large Original Oil Painting

Kluh art close-up oil painting of water

Original painting has sold. Original painting is 48"x36" oil on stretched canvas.

If you are interested in a water painting like this in your home, custom fit to your space and colors, contact me at to discuss :)


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