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Pacific Northwest, Puget Sound Art

New from the studio!

Finally some Pacific Northwest vibes in my gallery :)

Warm spring sunsets on the bay, the magic of the calm Puget Sound, the fragrant inland sea, the majestic Olympics mountains... evergreen islands and misty gravel shorelines met by peaceful lapping water... 


Painting the Pacific Northwest

This is a new oil painting, on a 30" x 30" Canvas 

I have not done much with yellows and warm tones so this was fun to play with! I loved warming up my pallet to bring in some sunset hues and painting these mountains! I have always been so enchanted by the Olympic Mountains, they call me...


Oil Painting Water Close-Up

To paint the water, I first used the blues and whites only and let that dry completely and then I went in with the yellows and pinks so they didn't blend too much and held their colors...

Painting Mountains Oil Painting

Pacific Northwest Art - Oil Painting Puget Sound

Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains Oil Painting

My new studio looks out over the wonderfully protected always changing Puget Sound in Olympia, such a special place, so grateful 🙏🦋 ⁣

This is not the view, but a combination of elements of a scene I often recall when I'm away.

This is Harmony, a meeting of elements that bring that feeling to me.

Oil on Canvas, 30" x 30"

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