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Oil Painting Supplies List - New Resource!

Oil Painting Supplies

Below is a list of the exact supplies I use to paint. 

I put this together for my online oil painting classes but I wanted to share it in advance for those interested in taking the class.

I am located in the USA and order most of my supplies from and I included links to all my supplies on Amazon (as an affiliate) below to everything so you can see exactly what I’m talking about!

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Oil Paint
You can choose any brand of oil paint to work with but I like Gamblin and have learned that sticking with one brand is the best way to go so you are certain how the colors will look.
Gamblin is an American-made paint and I find they have very consistent rich colors. Each brand is slightly different but more or less, the colors of the paints across brands are named the same based on the pigments and will only vary slightly. You can purchase the smallest tubes available if you like, oil paints do go a long way!