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Calming Water - Peaceful Coastal Art Blue Water Paintings

These two new paintings are all about flow, serenity and fluidity. Aspects I cherish within me and am so inspired to see when on the water. 

The slow undulations of water dancing on the surface remind me of the senses I feel within when at peace, a state I remind myself to be in and often find myself in when near the water. 

These are paintings that are meant to remind and empower those states of being, peacefulness, connection, ease, and a solid sense and comfort of going with the flow of life. 

Modern Ocean Boho Beach Interiors

Modern Art Living Room Wall Decor Blue

Beautiful Water Surface Art

Moonlight, 48" Wide x 30" Tall x 1.5" Deep, Oil on Canvas, Framed

This painting brings s fluid and soothing calmness to any room. What a stunner too, it is bold yet subtle and goes with so many interiors.

This painting is a perfect look for designing a beach house with a boho vibe. The best part about this art is brings the outside in and has a powerful energy that truly affects those who look at it, which makes a difference in setting a tone for a room.

Spending time in a room with art that reminds you of the power it holds inspires you to create and go to nature, where the juice of life is experienced!

Interiors art water blue smooth calming peaceful clean linesDesigning a bright open interior with a bold piece of calming art as a focal point is a way to engage people into a state of feeling good in a room. Art has the power to affect our emotions and thoughts. Decorating with art is powerful because art is an energetic object that affects the viewer. Designing with this in mind is a will help you affect how you or people who visit feel when they are in a room.  

These blue water smooth lines are aesthetically pleasing to an interior yet realistic imagery often brings people awe and joy, and in this case, a sense of calm and peace.

Hanging art for your office that has a calming effect can be a huge benefit. A serene reminder of nature and the vision of something pure and powerful can change your perspective and calm you down, which can directly affect your ability to be more productive in your workspace.

Office Art Calming Blue Water Beautiful Serene

Calming Blue Water Art Waves

Shop the original art here Summer Waves, 30" Wide x 48" Tall x 1.5", Oil on Canvas