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Large Commissioned Ocean Painting 🦋


A new commission is up in its new home! 💎

Final Ocean Painting Commission Floating Frame

60”x24” Oil on Canvas

This commission was designed to fit a horizontal space above a bed, a new a unique size that is very fit to the nature of waves.

As I begin it is mostly just green without much more, I block that in across the entire way and let it dry completely. Then I go in and foam patterns on top of the wave. I can’t wait to start splattering in the spray! But I hold back until the background is dialed in because once the spray goes on, you can't really fix it without starting it over.

Splattering is my favorite because it feels so wild and potentially destructive yet it always makes it come alive!

Ocean water art painting oil original water work



Here is a close-up laying down the spray off the lip with a pallet knife ✨🌊 It’s thick where you start and then tapers away as you pull up, the perfect tool to create the break away effect of foam spray. ⁣

Oil Painting Waves Using a Pallet knife

The paint behind needs to be mostly dry underneath to create the spray effect and not blend with the background. ⁣

As you layer it up, darker to lighter, it creates the depth effect of the spray. It also behaves like wax when waxing a surfboard, the first textured layer down creates the bumps that will continue to collect paint as you keep building over them. ⁣
The softer the touch the better! ⁣

Also a fun expressive way to paint 💙

I use brushes, a knife, my fingers and rags to create the many effects of water. ⁣

The first several times I tried a pallet knife for spray it was a disaster, so keep at it!! ⁣

I think it works better on stretched canvas than on panels where there is a little give 🎨

Ocean art Oil painting of wave

Huge ocean wave art painting oil painting

The painting is ready for delivery! 🦋 ⁣


Large Ocean Painting Commission

Here it is in it's new home!

What an act of creation when I can join forces with a friend or fan to create something perfect just for them! ⁣

How do commissions work? First, we choose the size and discuss the subject and color pallet, then I get you a quote and you say yay or nay 😊 I’m never offended by those who inquire and can’t buy. It’s just business! It is uplifting as an artist to just hear from those interested even if they decide not to move forward. ⁣

I would guess less than 50% of those who inquire might move forward, and that is totally okay and awesome! I know people might not reach out because they are worried they might offend an artist if they decide they don’t want to due to price. Not the case here! Money is a charged exchange, and I believe it flows where it is meant. I’m so blessed to do this work and have the opportunity to entertain your ideas and find something in your budget to make a collaboration happen!


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