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Coastal Original Art - Glowing Wave Paintings

Ocean Waves Original Oil Painting Art SeascapeThis oil painting was inspired by the cold Pacific Ocean on the Washington Coast ūüíô¬†

This is a¬†large painting! And this wave is a breathtaking. A¬†clean and glowing surface to a shadow-cast foamy bed. It gives off renewing light-filled energy. I love to capture the waves in their most beautiful light, glowing with sunshine in motion ūüôĆ

Ocean Paintings Original Oil Fine Art Seascape

I named this Awakening because I believe earth and humanity are undergoing a grand awakening. Awakening to the inner body, the true self, which is just the understanding of the never-ending infinite power within the self and all beings. In this reality we see all beings are magnificent and connected. Awakening out of the mind-made reality into true reality - the power of life in everything and everyone in a constant moving ocean of being.

Original Oil Painting, Framed
60" Wide x 40" Tall x 1.5"

I ship worldwide ūüĆé

Seascape Fine Art Coastal Washington Waves

Close-up painted waves green and blue Original Oil Painting

This oil painting capture the light coming through the waves and lots of crashing sections with beautiful foamy bottom, greens, blues and whites. A gorgeous, soft and inviting painting with so much power and grace.

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