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New Mountain Series: Olympics, Mt Rainier, Tetons

My new mountain series is underway!

I'm kicking of 2022 with a totally different subject. I will not stray too far from the sea, but I'm taking a moment to enjoy the majestic and grand beauty of light-kissed, snow covered peaks.

I love the mountains. From my home in Washington State, I see them almost every day and have views and access to two beautiful ranges, the Olympia Mountain Range and the Cascade Range including Mt Rainier.

This is just the start of the series that will be released this spring...

Mt. Rainier Art, Oil on Canvas Painting, Faded Sunset

Olympia National Park Art, Oil on Canvas, Mountains Hurricane Ridge

Teton Mountain Range Art Oil Painting

Grand Tetons National Park, Art Oil on Canvas

More paintings to come :)