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Inhale | 16 x 20
Inhale | 16 x 20
Inhale | 16 x 20
Inhale | 16 x 20
Inhale | 16 x 20

Inhale | 16 x 20

Julie Kluh Art
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Oil on Canvas

16" x 20" x 1.5"

Framed in modern fir floating frame

Collection: Surface Tension


Breathing has so much power ⚡This painting is very fluid and not as realistic as others I've done. Though it has aspects of realism, it is more about movement and lightness. I have found a huge amount of power and strength in my breath, something we often forget is available to us always.

The ocean air always inspires me to take huge big inhales, intoxicating ones! We always can use our breath as a reminder we are alive, to oxygenate our body and brain for renewed sensations and perspective. With every inhale there is an opportunity to expand 🌤️

This was inspired from a little perch I like to visit on the Pacific coast in Washington State. I go here to soak up the sun, take big deep breaths of sea air and connect 💗