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Flow | 12 x 16
Flow | 12 x 16
Flow | 12 x 16
Flow | 12 x 16
Flow | 12 x 16

Flow | 12 x 16

Julie Kluh Art
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12" x 16" x 1.5"

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Collection: Surface Tension


This painting is based off a day on the Washington State coast. I arrived at dawn and was shocked to see perfectly peaking clean offshore waves at the jetty in Westport. A little too offshore, but I felt like I really nailed the forecast, it was a gorgeous high pressure sunny day and I was one of the first out in the freeezing cold water.

Only problem was a didn't have a hood so I experienced acute brain freeze when duck-diving. Eventually I paddled enough, warmed up and managed to catch a few waves. Despite numb hands, I had a huge smile and was invigorated and felt so alive bobbing in the living, breathing ocean.

After warming up I spent the rest of the day studying and watching the sea. Mostly just breathing it in and feeling inspired by the simple beauty. I was so taken into the magic of the seafoam pulling across the surface - as I have been for years - but with a new purpose to paint it I have become even more entrenched in the beauty of the waves and their healing powerful grace.

In and around the sea I do feel almost an altered state of connection. It is easy for me to let go of the worries of life, the concerns of the future and instead feel hope, feel joy just by being at the sea. Certainly a bright sky of sun adds to the glory. Inhaling that sea air just lights my fire!

The sea always lifts me up, and the simple yet stunning way the foam turns to brilliant blue as the wave casts it shadow... mmmmm! The jewel-like quality of the water as the sun illuminates it from the back for just a second and pulls sand into a rainbow of changing colors... yess!