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Exhale | 20 x 16
Exhale | 20 x 16
Exhale | 20 x 16
Exhale | 20 x 16
Exhale | 20 x 16
Exhale | 20 x 16

Exhale | 20 x 16

Julie Kluh Art
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Oil on Canvas

20" x 16" x 1.5"

Framed in modern fir floating frame

Collection: Surface Tension


The ocean exhales. Waves unload and air rushes out of them. Nothing relaxes me more than a big old sigh, a sigh of relief, a deeply transformative exhale.

This painting feels like what I've really been trying to paint my whole life. I don't know how to explain that but there is just something in the way this one feels, it feels so alive, it makes me feel alive!

I am a student of the sea. The way foam pulls up the face of a wave and the breaking lip casting a shadow makes me so excited, it is absolutely not logical to explain that something so simple brings so much joy and inspiration. It is beyond the mind, no doubt 🌊

When I paint water, I at first ignore the spray and just focus on the shapes and the way the colors behind are showing through. Once those are dry I go in with the spray, using both a paint flicking technique with a stiff brush and my finger (probably exactly how you would picture it, very messy) and also using a little bit of paint on the back of a palette knife to create just a topical scratching of white that amazingly translates perfectly into sea spray...

Exhale, let go ✨