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Acceptance | 60 x 36
Acceptance | 60 x 36
Acceptance | 60 x 36
Acceptance | 60 x 36
Acceptance | 60 x 36

Acceptance | 60 x 36

Julie Kluh Art
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Oil on Canvas

60" x 36" x 1.5"

Collection: Surface Tension


This is the biggest painting I’ve ever done. I’ve had this canvas waiting for months and I keep picking up a smaller one because it was too intimidating. Until, I just kinda forced it a little and said, now! Now is the time!

And then I got it all set-up and thought I knew what I was going to paint. But after about 1 minute of blank-canvas staring, I packed some snacks, drove to the ocean and spent a whole day staring at it, which was exactly what I needed.

This painting coming to life from an idea in my mind really makes me emotional, It’s finally here!! 🙌

I often need to remind myself that the non-physical visions in my mind and heart are quietly waiting for me to get everything in order and bring them into the world. For me, that means accepting that it takes money, effort, patience and time in addition to belief and balance and trust. I can do it once I accept everything in my life as it is. And acceptance that it’s okay I haven’t done it yet and again when I want to scrape off all of the paint, and acceptance when I’m frustrated, tired and lost. Acceptance for all of my choices so far, so I can see more clearly and move forward.

I have a little spot on the coast in Washington where I go to study the waves and this particular break just amazes me. Somehow an entire rainbow of moving color comes to life when this one rises up. I wait for a big wave to crash that makes the surface foamy, then when a perfectly sized one comes behind it, it draws up the foam and sand and this magical thing happens. Oh, how the sea moves me ✨🙏