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Fine art ocean painting cresting wave light and foam
Fine art gallery framed ocean wave art painting
Original art, fine art oil painting, oceanscape Washington Coast
Close up ocean foam wave painting greens and browns
Fine art ocean wave paintings - Julie Kluh surf sea art
Julie Kluh Fine Artist Ocean Painter Surf and Waves
Fine art painting of ocean and waves, washington coast waves

Power and Grace Ocean Painting Wave Surf Art | 40 x 30

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Oil on Canvas

40" x 30" x 1.5"



Inspired by the Pacific Ocean on the Washington Coast 💙

But inspired truly from the incredible beauty that the sea over the world displays - of glowing jewels, refreshing salty air, nature’s power of wind and waves unloading on the shore, movement, chaos, patterns, organizing into an enchanting fleeting moment - this one 🙌


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