Trade Winds Fine Art by Julie Kluh French Polynesia Tahiti Artist
Trade Wind | 8 x 10

Trade Wind | 8 x 10

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The trade winds run uninterrupted for thousands of miles across the desert of the Pacific Ocean...

During the South Pacific winter, they flow in from the south east. We were anchored on the south east corner of the island of Tahiti, where the mountains provide a corner of protection to the usual 20 knots of wind that rip over the island.

Looking to sea, the trade wind clouds march along just above the horizon, but as they hit the land they head right up overhead before settling back down again.

I was enjoying the afternoon on deck without planning to paint, and suddenly was inspired to paint this. I jumped into the cabin to grab a canvas and paints and began this painting. It was painted entirely on deck, en plein air. From a creative standpoint, it flowed from me, I did not think, I just opened up and let it out. I mixed the colors and laid down the paint much faster than normal and was fascinated by the outcome when I later came below after sunset.

I love the clouds, I love the mountains and the shadows they create together. When I look at it, I can still feel the trade winds blowing. 

Original: 8" x 10", acrylic on canvas panel

Framed: Custom silver gild with off-white linen inset


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