Tahiti Nui | 14 x 11
Tahiti Nui Art, Artwork of Tahitian Mountains viewed from sea, Tahiti-iti, Tahiti Nui, French Polynesia South Pacific Art by Julie Kluh

Tahiti Nui | 14 x 11

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Tahiti Iti is the smaller island that is connected to the main and largest of the Society islands, Tahiti Nui. Together, they are known as Tahiti, but locally they are distinctly different.

This view is from anchor off Tahiti Iti looking at Tahiti Nui, where its majestic peaks and craters tower.

I thought about this painting a lot before I created it and really never expected it to come out like this. The morning I started the painting, the sky looked just like this, although it is not often these types of clouds criss-cross above it. The catamaran came and anchored a couple days into working on it, and made it into the painting, unexpectedly!

These mountains are truly grand in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and an ongoing source of inspiration for me.

Acrylic on Panel 
Framed in Large Wood Frame


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