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Red Chalet
Red Chalet, Acrylic Artwork of Tahitian Mountains viewed from sea, Tahiti-iti, Tahiti, Teahupoo, French Polynesia Art by Julie Kluh
Tahiti Art in Gold Frame, Mountains, Ocean and Tiny Chalet

Red Chalet

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This painting was held in my mind for at least a year before it came into being.

The view is from the boat at my favorite place to anchor in Tahiti. This mountain that I call Pyramid Peak (not it's real name!) feels like an energy vortex and a powerful protector towering over the anchorage.

Before I created this painting, I constantly was taking photos of it talking of its endless teachings... "Come on deck, Pyramid Peak is giving a class!" Primarily in the subjects of light, clouds and energy, it truly is magnificent.

The tiny chalet that sits below is really there. Although I chose what to keep in and keep out of the real scene, this little house mirrors its grand protector with a story-book surreal alignment. It seems, this is an ideal way to situate yourself on earth, either here, or perhaps in a sailboat out in the lagoon.

It is framed in a beautiful gold frame with a rustic white inset complimenting it's warmth perfectly.


8" x 10" 
Acrylic on Canvas Board 
Tahiti, French Polynesia 



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