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❤️ Olympia Mural Painting

Something TOTALLY different!

In the strange world of art, where one is encouraged to box themselves up into a style box, I'm breaking the code.

Here is a mural I painted with an artist friend (Taylor Clinton) where I am quarantined in Olympia Washington of Rosie the Nurse!

Not much needs explaining with this one, we hope the message is clear.

Olympia Mural - Rosie the Riveter as a Nurse with Mask

The final mural of Rosie the Nurse, Olympia WA

Hired by a local doctor who asked us to create something relevant to COVID-19 that would bring joy to drivers and walkers, we came up with this concept. 

We wanted to choose something quickly recognizable as a message of hope. Something you could read in the 3 seconds as you zoomed by on this busy thoroughfare in Olympia (on Harrison coming up the hill from downtown to the Westside).

Because of COVID-19 and the feelings of isolation many people are facing the absolute best part was the response from the community who saw us working on it (mostly from their cars).

Drivers were honking and fist pumping, walkers and bikers gave thumbs up and praise and we were humbled by the power of art!

Rosie the Riveter Mural in Olympia WA

In progress, but close to done!

Taking the original Rosie the Riveter WWII poster - a symbol of female empowerment - we transformed her into a modern-day nurse with a face mask, something we are now all very familiar with. 

Olympia, now has a strong nurse reminding us to be brave and that we can do it. Of course this is a salute to the hardworking medical professionals on the front lines dealing with the ill and putting themselves amongst it. But it is also a message of hope and a reminder that we will all get through this.

We chose the words Love (radiating from her heart), Hope (the biggest of all) and Community (were we can make immense daily impact) as the most all-encompassing power words to offer transformation during a time like this.

The mural took us 3 days to paint and we enjoyed every minute during an unseasonably hot Pacific Northwest spring.

Huge thank you to Mark Layton, MD (Olympia Rheumatology) for commissioning this project.

Love, Hope, Olympia ❤️

If you are a local Olympia business (or anywhere nearby) and need a mural or in or on your building for any reason at all, contact me at julie@juliekluh.com.